Seniors Ministry - J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth)

The Seniors Ministry purpose is to provide optimum spiritual, mental and physical health through various church-based activities, assist in coping with the aging process, through workshops, programs, connecting with other seniors locally and nationally; exposure to community resources, enhancing social relationships and promoting a vital lifestyle that glorifies God.

Addtitionally, the Seniors Ministry endeavors to educate our seniors on the many health screenings available throughout the city, provide various meaningful outings, and to ensure that our seniors overall welfare is promoted - spiritually, mentally, physically and economically.

Some of our on-going and annual activities include:

  • Stroll Down Memory Lane - October
  • Seniors Luncheon - April/May
  • National Association of Celebrated Seniors Workshops - May
  • Morning Bible Class every Tuesday at 10am

Seniors Ministry Contact:
Regina Bryant