May 30, 2020

Greetings Crenshaw Church of Christ family,

As we continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 virus in the state of California, we recognize that the governmental institutions at the state, county and city levels have begun the process of lifting many of the restrictions imposed as a result of Covid-19.  Indeed, the governor issued new health guidelines that affect how we conduct our services, including limiting attendance to 25% of building capacity, stop passing around offering and communion plates, observing social distancing, and other precautions.  Even with the lifting of restrictions and precautions, health officials recommend that we “continue to facilitate remote services and other related activities for those who are vulnerable to COVID19 including older adults and those with co-morbidities.”

Based upon the above considerations and in our continued effort to keep our members safe, we will be extending our purely virtual worship service.  The 8am service will be live-streamed on-line at  You can also access the service by phone at: (408) 418-9388; access code: 290 916 058.  The service will be recorded and available on our website for viewing after the conclusion of the 8am service.  Additionally, our Bible Classes will continue to be conducted through WebEx and Zoom.

We encourage you to continue to also participate in our communion service by using unleavened bread (crackers) and the fruit of the vine (grape juice).  For those who need communion emblems, please contact us by phone or email so that arrangements can be made to have them provided to you.  For those who need communion emblems we will make them available for your pick-up on Saturday, June 13th & Saturday, June 27th between 10am-12pm noon.  Simply drive through the parking lot to pick up the individualized communion wafer/cups.

As you venture out on a more regular basis, please remember to do the things necessary to remain safe including social distancing, wearing a mask, and gloves if necessary, as well as to carefully wash your hands with soap and water.  We understand the inconvenience this may pose for some; however, it is imperative that we take the appropriate measures out of an abundance of caution to keep our congregation healthy and safe.  Please reach out to one of our Deacons should you have any questions or concerns.  They can be contacted by phone at (323) 292-2100 or by email at

In Christ,

Leadership, Crenshaw Church of Christ


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