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Family and the Nation
posted by: Dynita Zearfoss on 5/31/2020

Asking for prayer for my household expressions my kids. And the nation as a whole
I will pray  
Prayer Request
posted by: Kathy Gregg on 5/30/2020

Good Morning Church, please pray that my family and I stay safe with this virus going around. And that we continue to stay strong in our faith.
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Health and creative projects
posted by: Regina Randolph on 5/30/2020

My friend, Romina is suffering from health problems. She has several creative projects that she is waiting for a reply, hoping it will be a good outcome.
I will pray  
Prayer for a safe delivery
posted by: Anaicka lundie on 5/26/2020

I want to thank the lord for allowing me to see another birthday today especially in good health. As I prepare to give birth next week I ask for prayers that there are no complications with the surgery. I pray for the doctors and nurses, a healthy baby and a quick recovery.
I will pray  
posted by: Linda Koroma on 5/24/2020

Please pray for a positive medical result for our sister in christ
I will pray 1 person is praying.
posted by: Andrea Jeniou-Wilson on 5/24/2020

Continued Prayers for My Husband Chris Wilson as he deals with this Asthma. Also prayers for the Family if my Dear Friend Charlie Jamm. Got a message this mornin GB bhe has passed.
I will pray  
Praise him
posted by: Fran Payne on 5/17/2020

Thank you Brother Moore for Thant beautiful message this morning. Pandemics Proof Your Faith.
Thanks for Gods protection
posted by: Wendel Phillips on 5/17/2020

I want to give thanks to God for continuing to keep my family safe and well. Praying for his continued grace and mercy I really miss all of you
I will pray  
posted by: Kimberly Lundy on 5/17/2020

Please pray for me and my family. Also, it’s Dwyane Lundy birthday May 19th.
I will pray  
Thank You for Your Prayers
posted by: Monyca Brown on 5/17/2020

Thank you all for your prayers. My aunt’s ankle surgery was a success. She is home and recovering well.
I will pray  
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